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According to court documents, a serial shoplifter in Albuquerque has been accused of stealing goods worth over $1.5k from Costco stores and Sportsmen’s Warehouse.

Police say that the suspect, Begay, began shoplifting in 2009 and had returned to the authorities’ radar in 2021.

Between June and October of last year, Begay allegedly stole from several Costco stores and Sportsmen’s Warehouse locations in the city, taking bear spray and pepper spray while brandishing a knife.

When an employee confronted him, Begay threatened to use the mace and attempted to spray the employee, but the mace sprayed backwards towards his own face.

Police consider Begay to be one of the worst and most prolific shoplifters they have encountered, and he has been charged with shoplifting, as well as aggravated assault and battery.

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