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Sentencing Dates Set for ‘ComEd 4’ Defendants

The four defendants involved in one of the largest corruption trials in the State of Illinois in over a decade have been informed of their sentencing dates.

Following their conviction in a bribery scheme this week, a judge has set separate sentencing dates for each of the defendants.

Co-defendant Michael McClain is scheduled to be sentenced on January 11th, a remarkable three months before he goes on trial alongside former House Speaker Michael Madigan.

The sentencing for COM and CEO, whose identity remains undisclosed, has been scheduled for January 16th.

John Hooker’s sentencing is set for January 25th, while Jade Already will face sentencing on January 30th.

The jury found all defendants guilty of bribery, conspiracy, and falsifying evidence, solidifying the gravity of their offenses.

The trial has captivated the attention of the public due to its significance in exposing corruption within the state.

It is anticipated that the forthcoming sentencing hearings will be closely followed by both media outlets and concerned citizens alike.

The ‘ComEd 4’ case serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing battle against corruption and the determination of the justice system to hold individuals accountable for their actions.

As the sentencing dates approach, the defendants and their legal teams are preparing for what lies ahead, while the public eagerly awaits the outcome of this high-profile trial.

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