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Newton Woman Stabbed by Father of Her Children, Suspect at Large as Police Search Intensifies Senator Rounds Dodges Regret Question on Trump Impeachment Vote After Jan. 6 Capitol Riots

Senator Mike Rounds from South Dakota refused to comment on whether he regrets not voting to convict former President Donald Trump after the January 6th Capitol riots.

During an exclusive interview with Meet the Press, he stated that it is now up to the courts to convict Trump.

The interview also touched on Trump’s call for protesters to gather at the Manhattan Courthouse in response to a possible indictment.

Rounds stated that it is unclear whether there will be an indictment or what it would be for.

He emphasized the importance of taking any threats to justice seriously, regardless of whether they come from an individual or a former president.

The interview also addressed the constitutional basis for the impeachment trial and the founding fathers’ intention to avoid indicting former presidents.

The shield of office has now been removed, leaving it up to the courts to decide.

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