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In the wake of yet another mass shooting in Texas, Senator Amy Klobuchar expressed her dismay and frustration while being interviewed by Lawrence O’Donnell on MSNBC.

O’Donnell highlighted Senator Klobuchar’s commitment to an “oath of optimism” as a member of the United States Senate and asked her how she felt upon hearing the news of the recent tragedy.

Senator Klobuchar admitted that she couldn’t help but feel heartbroken and devastated by the senseless violence.

She mentioned the specific incident in Texas where two sisters were gunned down along with elementary school children in a parking lot, emphasizing that such incidents occur repeatedly across the country.

She questioned how her colleagues could stand idly by when there are viable solutions to address gun violence.

Drawing attention to instances where young individuals were able to purchase assault weapons online, Senator Klobuchar advocated for banning the purchase of such weapons, at least for this age group.

She emphasized that there are responsible gun owners who support measures like red flag laws and background checks, which are supported by a majority of the American population.

Senator Klobuchar stressed the importance of taking action to protect children’s freedom to attend school and go about their daily lives without fear.

She expressed her appreciation for Senator Schumer’s efforts to bring lawmakers together and praised the President for his clear commitment to passing gun control laws.

Senator Klobuchar also acknowledged that Republicans had previously worked with Democrats on limited gun control measures, indicating that they were willing to break with the NRA on certain issues.

In conclusion, Senator Klobuchar’s remarks highlighted the urgent need for action in response to gun violence and her frustration with the lack of progress in enacting meaningful solutions.

The interview shed light on her commitment to advocating for common-sense gun control measures and her determination to protect the safety and well-being of American citizens, particularly children.

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