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Food Truck Friday: Po’ Boy & Tings

Good Day Seattle had a special guest for their Food Truck Friday segment, as Po’ Boy & Tings stopped by with their delicious New Orleans-style sandwiches.

Sean, the owner, explained that the po’ boy sandwich is similar to a Subway sandwich, with lettuce, tomato, pickle, secret sauce, and a choice of deep-fried shrimp, catfish, oyster, tofu, chicken, or sausage.

Despite being from Seattle originally, Sean grew up eating food cooked by his Louisiana-native father and wanted to carry on the tradition by cooking the same type of food.

Po’ Boy & Tings started as a food truck during the pandemic, with their most popular item being the shrimp po’ boy followed by the catfish po’ boy.

Aside from sandwiches, the food truck also offers garlic truffle parmesan tots and hush puppies with secret sauce, which Good Day Seattle host Brian tried and loved.

Sean aims to give customers an experience by making them feel like they’re in New Orleans for at least five minutes while enjoying the flavorful food.

Po’ Boy & Tings can be found all around Seattle, and customers can follow them on social media or visit their website to book catering for special events or festivals.

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