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Local Weather Update: Heat Wave Continues, Thunderstorms Fizzle Out

In the latest weather update from AZFAMILY First Alert Weather, it looks like the scorching temperatures will persist for the next couple of days.

Expect highs in the 90s, which is still above average for this time of year.

Moreover, it’s predicted that the mercury will soar back into the triple digits by early next week.

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Turning our attention to the weather, it’s essential to keep an eye on the forecast.

As you know, today was exceptionally hot, with temperatures soaring throughout the day.

The heat was intense and seemed never-ending.

However, there was some relief in the form of a few thunder showers.

Moving towards the outskirts of town, particularly the northern edges of the valley, Michelle Whiner reported a little shower that quickly passed through.

Although there was some thunder and lightning accompanying the shower, it didn’t last very long.

In fact, after approximately 20-25 minutes of activity, the storm faded away, leaving behind only a few clouds.

For those concerned about future weather patterns, it’s worth noting that the chance of more thunderstorms is slim.

While there might be a sprinkle here and there, especially during the early morning hours, the overall precipitation is expected to be minimal.

So, don’t expect any significant rainfall in the near future.

Keep yourself updated by visiting our First Alert Facebook page, where you can find more information and videos about the weather.

Michelle Whiner also shared a time-lapse video of the short-lived thunderstorm, which can be viewed there.

Lastly, for those residing in the area, be prepared for the ongoing heatwave.

Take necessary precautions and stay hydrated to beat the scorching temperatures.

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