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Hot and Humid Mother’s Day Weekend Forecasted

The upcoming Mother’s Day weekend is expected to be characterized by hot and humid weather conditions.

WVTM 13 Weather reports that high pressure in the morning will result in dry skies but also bring intense heat and humidity, leading to the formation of fog near the surface.

While no rainfall is currently observed, the circulation around the large high-pressure ridge may bring visibility issues to Haleyville, Fort Payne, and Auburn.

Anniston might also experience reduced visibility about five to six miles ahead.

Motorists on I-20 are advised to be cautious due to the potential sudden decrease in visibility.

As for Mother’s Day Sunday, the weather will remain hot and humid throughout the weekend.

However, the chance of thunderstorms will increase as the day progresses and the temperature rises.

Isolated thunderstorms may develop in the afternoon and evening hours, visible on the WVTM 13 Live Doppler radar.

Presently, temperatures are at a relatively comfortable 65 degrees, although humidity levels remain high.

Cullman and Gadsden also report morning temperatures of 63 and 65 degrees, respectively.

These summertime storms are often accompanied by frequent lightning, which can cause flickering lights and disruption of household devices, including microwaves and ovens.

It is advised to have multiple sources of weather information to stay updated on the latest developments.

Strong, gusty winds and heavy downpours can be expected during these storms, although their duration is typically short-lived.

The WVTM 13 Futurecast indicates a clockwise flow pattern due to the high-pressure system positioned directly over the area.

This pattern reinforces the expectation of a hot Sunday, with the possibility of a few isolated showers in the afternoon.

However, the main timeframe for potential showers seems to be between 5 and 7 p.m.

in the evening.

Even on Mother’s Day itself, the hot and humid conditions may squeeze out a few showers later in the afternoon, primarily around sunset.

If showers do not occur by then, it is unlikely they will materialize.

These storms tend to develop and remain stationary before dissipating, providing much-needed relief and allowing for a peaceful rest once the thunder subsides.

Mother’s Day is anticipated to reach a scorching 90 degrees, prompting residents to take necessary precautions to stay cool and hydrated during outdoor activities.

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