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Title: School Bus Crashes into Building in Brooklyn, No Children On Board

Date: May 6, 2023

In a shocking incident on Friday, a multi-vehicle collision in Brooklyn resulted in a school bus crashing into a building in Prospect Lefferts Gardens.

Thankfully, there were no children aboard the bus at the time of the accident.

According to local authorities, the school bus driver collided with another vehicle at an intersection, apparently due to confusion over the right of way.

Following the collision, the bus driver veered onto the sidewalk and slammed into the side of the building, causing extensive damage to the structure and nearby businesses.

The three-story building, which housed a beauty salon, was partially evacuated due to concerns about its structural stability.

The impact of the bus crash caused a support column inside the building to collapse partially, affecting several rooms above it.

The incident occurred around 4:00 AM on Clarkson Avenue in Prospect Lefferts Gardens.

The bus was traveling on Clarkson Avenue, while the other vehicle involved was traveling on Rogers Avenue when the collision took place.

Fortunately, despite the severity of the impact, no serious injuries were reported.

Both drivers involved in the accident declined medical attention, and no individuals were inside the building at the time of the crash.

Neighbors expressed relief that the accident occurred early in the morning before the beauty salon opened, as it typically caters to children.

They emphasized the potential for much worse outcomes, considering the bus crashing into the sidewalk.

Engineers are currently assessing the building’s structural integrity to ensure its safety.

Falling debris, including bricks and exposed rebar, has raised concerns about the stability of the structure.

Authorities are cautious about removing the bus, as it may be supporting part of the building’s weight.

As investigations and assessments continue, updates will be provided regarding the building’s stability and any necessary actions to be taken.

Prospect Lefferts Gardens residents are advised to stay informed about the situation.

Further details will be reported as they become available.

Note: The article has been written based on the given information.

The names of news channels and additional download information have been omitted as per the user’s request.

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