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In regard to the school bus crash in Howell, New Jersey, it has been reported that no students were on board when the bus veered off the road and collided with a home. Thankfully, the woman and her two children inside the house were unharmed, although the bus driver did sustain some cuts to his face. Investigators are currently working to determine if the crash caused any damage to the structural integrity of the house. New Jersey reporter Anthony Johnson is live on the scene with the latest updates.

There is footage from inside the bus, which reveals that the 22-year-old bus driver was nodding off and falling asleep before abruptly waking up upon realizing he was in trouble and losing control of the bus. The bus has now been removed from the house and will be towed away shortly. The driver, who was apparently exhausted, fell asleep while the bus was out of control, ultimately crashing into the house where a family was gathered in the back kitchen, including children.

The driver, employed by Jay’s bus service, hit a utility pole and a mailbox, managing to avoid two trees before colliding with the house. The two-story woodframe home suffered significant structural damage. The speed at which the bus was traveling is unknown, but the impact was strong enough to shake the house. Upon receiving the emergency call at around 7:15 am, authorities immediately prioritized confirming if any children were on the school bus.

Fortunately, there were no students on board, and the children residing in the house do not typically take this bus. The bus was actually operating between two different districts, unrelated to the house, making it a mere coincidence that it crashed into the structure. The driver’s impairment is not suspected; he simply dozed off and sustained a head injury from hitting the bus windshield. The bus company possesses video footage from inside the bus, which provides a clear understanding of the sequence of events.

Thankfully, no injuries were reported, but the damage to the house is severe, rendering it uninhabitable for the time being. The family will need to find alternative accommodations until the house is deemed safe for occupancy..

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