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Saudi Arabia Announces Three-Day Weekend Plan

Saudi Arabia has announced a plan for a three-day weekend in the country.

The plan will be implemented starting from this week.

The announcement was made by the government in a bid to boost domestic tourism and the economy.

The three-day weekend plan will be in effect from Thursday to Saturday, instead of the usual Friday and Saturday weekend.

This change is expected to encourage Saudis to travel within the country and support local businesses.

The move comes amid efforts by the Saudi government to diversify the country’s economy and reduce its reliance on oil.

The decision has been welcomed by many Saudis who are looking forward to the extra time off.

However, some have expressed concern about the impact on the workweek and productivity.

The Saudi Arabian government has taken several measures to support the country’s economy during the COVID-19 pandemic, including financial aid and stimulus packages.

The three-day weekend plan is the latest initiative to boost economic activity and domestic tourism.

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