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The Catholic Diocese of Santa Rosa has filed for bankruptcy due to a flood of new lawsuits from survivors of child sexual abuse by Catholic priests.

The diocese estimates its assets to be between $10 and $50 million, which is equal to its liabilities.

More than 200 survivors have come forward to file lawsuits against the diocese after a state law opened a three-year window for victims to sue, regardless of when the abuse occurred.

The bankruptcy filing has been criticized by survivors and their attorneys, who believe that the church is trying to avoid responsibility for the horrific abuse by priests.

The diocese claims that the bankruptcy offers an objective look at their financial status and that it will help survivors receive compensation.

However, critics argue that it will be another barrier to discovering the truth and that it will limit what survivors can receive in compensation.

The bankruptcy case will determine whether the diocese can shield the assets of parishes and schools or whether those assets will contribute to the pot of money that will go to survivors.

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