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Several Santa Clarita Valley businesses were targeted by burglars in a recent crime spree.

The break-ins occurred overnight earlier this week, causing significant damage to the establishments and leaving owners distraught.

One of the affected businesses was Waffle Love, located on Newhall Ranch Road in Santa Clarita, which was broken into around 3 a.m.

on Thursday.

The burglaries have sent shockwaves through the community, as numerous small, family-run businesses have fallen victim to the brazen thieves.

It seems as though the culprits exited the freeway at Magic Mountain Parkway, swiftly traversed the valley, and targeted nearly every strip mall along the way before heading back to the 5.

Muscle Ramen, a local restaurant, managed to recover some of its losses with the help of loyal customers.

Despite the thieves making off with a measly $25 in cash, the repairs for the broken glass doors alone will likely cost over $1,000.

Similarly, Waffle Love was hit by the same duo, adding to the hours-long crime spree in Santa Clarita.

The affected businesses predominantly consist of mom-and-pop shops, making the situation even more disheartening.

Although some establishments had insurance to cover the damages, the premiums are expected to rise.

Furthermore, the loss of sales on the day of the break-ins has significantly impacted the owners.

Surveillance footage captured the moment when two hooded thieves shattered the glass entrance of Fish Tales, a popular seafood grill on Newhall Ranch Road.

They proceeded directly to the register, highlighting their intent to steal.

However, nearby Pizza DeMarco had a different story to tell.

The owner arrived to find shattered glass throughout the premises, and the thieves made off with approximately $1,500 in cash.

This setback has put a strain on the business’s financial situation.

The crime spree spanned across four shopping centers in Valencia and Newhall, resulting in more than half a dozen eateries being burglarized in a single morning.

Detectives have been notified, and six of the affected restaurants have already filed police reports.

The community is on edge as they await updates and hope for the swift apprehension of the suspects.

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