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Sandy Fire Station Set for Much-Needed Upgrades

Sandy City Fire Station 31 is getting a facelift after almost 40 years of use.

The fire station, which serves as the heartbeat of the Sandy City Fire Department, has been falling apart due to Foundation issues, leaks, and other structural problems.

Fire Chief Jeff Bessette recently gave a tour of the deteriorating building to local news channel KUTV2 News.

The exterior of the building has several issues, including a cracked foundation and a lack of wheelchair access to the top level.

The roof leaks and the shower has mold, while diesel exhaust has infiltrated the HVAC system.

Despite its shortcomings, the fire station still serves as a vital resource for the community.

However, Sandy City officials are now looking to build a new fire station to replace the outdated one.

Chief Bessette has a vision of a new fire station that is more modern and better suited to the city’s growing population.

The city is currently searching for an architect to design the new station, and officials are working on funding for the project.

If all goes according to plan, the new Sandy City Fire Station could be up and running by 2025.

The upgrades to the Sandy Fire Station are expected to be beneficial to both the firefighters who work there and the nearby residents who rely on their services.

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