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San Ysidro non-profit organization, Casa Familiar, marked a significant milestone as it celebrated its 50th anniversary of advocating for migrants in the San Ysidro area.

To support their ongoing work, the non-profit organized a 5K and 10K run this morning, aimed at raising funds for services near the border.

With the recent end of Title 42, which had implications for migrants, Casa Familiar’s efforts have become even more relevant.

Hundreds of runners participated in the event, showing their support and commemorating Casa Familiar’s five decades of service.

Since 1973, Casa Familiar has been a steadfast advocate for migrants in the San Ysidro community.

Their work has been crucial in guiding migrants through the asylum process and providing them with the necessary assistance.

Many migrants arrive at the border unaware of the local community and without knowing where to seek help.

Casa Familiar fills this gap by offering guidance and support to those in need, even helping them connect with their relatives in the United States.

The funds raised from the run will contribute to Casa Familiar’s non-profit social services, which are available to anyone in need, regardless of their country of origin.

In addition to their immigration-related services, Casa Familiar also offers an impressive array of 40 programs focused on community development.

Their commitment to addressing various social issues happening in the region is evident.

Casa Familiar’s dedication to supporting migrants and fostering community development has made them an integral part of the San Ysidro area for the past 50 years.

As they continue their vital work, the organization remains steadfast in their mission to provide aid and support to migrants, ensuring they have a brighter future ahead.

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