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Police Officers in San Luis Push for Pay Raise

The San Luis Police Department is seeking a pay raise for its officers in order to remain competitive with other law enforcement agencies in Yuma County.

The department is facing challenges in hiring and retaining officers due to the low pay, which is affecting its ability to keep up with the growing San Luis community.

At a recent city council meeting, Lieutenant Marco Santana spoke up for the department, emphasizing the urgent need to address the retention rate of officers.

The department is currently short-staffed, and increasing the number of officer positions is a priority.

The goal is to hire 10 more officers next year to prepare for potential vacancies and meet nationally recognized law enforcement standards.

The starting pay for a police officer in San Luis is $23.45, which is $8 lower than other law enforcement agencies in Yuma County.

San Luis police officers are requesting an hourly pay raise to $26 or $27, which they believe will make them more competitive.

Lieutenant Santana is hopeful that the city council will support the pay raise in the budget.

The city council and the mayor are positive about making the change, according to Lieutenant Santana.

However, the department is still waiting for a response from the city of San Luis.

With a population of approximately 40,000 people, the department is busier with calls and needs more officers to keep up with the demands of the community.

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