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San Francisco Mayor London Breed has issued an emergency declaration ahead of the next storm, as the city deals with the aftermath of the last one.

During the previous storm, glass fell from several high-rises and hundreds of trees were uprooted, resulting in two fatalities.

The emergency declaration has given the city additional resources to clean up the damage from the previous storm and prepare for the upcoming one.

Officials are advising people to stay indoors during the peak of the storm.

Over 900 trees have fallen or lost large branches, and six high-rises have broken windows due to high winds.

The Department of Building Inspection has been given more authority to inspect buildings, and there are plans to introduce a law requiring more frequent inspections.

The Fire Department and Department of Building Inspection are providing tips to building managers on how to secure windows during storms.

Residents are advised to call 311 for storm-related damage and to reserve 911 for medical emergencies only.

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