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San Diego Mother Pleads with State Legislators to Pass AB 367 to Stiffen Penalties for Fentanyl Dealers

A San Diego mother who lost her son to a fentanyl overdose in 2021 is urging state legislators to pass AB 367, a bill that would increase penalties for drug dealers who supply fatal doses of the powerful drug.

During an emotional news conference on Friday morning, Laura Brinker White recounted the pain of losing her son, a football player at Cathedral Catholic High School who was struggling with anxiety.

Brinker White says she was getting her son help, but a drug dealer got to him first, and he died after taking just one pill.

“Connor did not overdose from taking a handful of pills.

He took one pill that killed him,” she said.

Brinker White’s story was powerful, and she says she’ll do anything to save another family from this heartache.

AB 367, which has the support of the mayor, city council members, and the district attorney’s office, would enhance penalties for drug dealers who cause great bodily injury or death.

Currently, some dealers are eligible for probation, but if passed, this bill would allow prosecutors to apply an enhancement of three years.

Brinker White was shocked to learn that the dealer who supplied her son’s fatal dose was supposed to be sentenced for about a year but was released early due to good behavior.

She hopes AB 367 will prevent similar tragedies from happening in the future.

The bill will go before a Public Safety Committee at the state level in about a month and will then go to the assembly floor for consideration.

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