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San Clemente, California – On Tuesday, officials in Orange County declared a local state of emergency after a hillside collapse in San Clemente forced residents of four residential structures to evacuate.

The hillside at the rear of the properties collapsed due to saturation from heavy rainfall.

The collapse caused the land underneath the buildings to slide down the hill, resulting in the buildings teetering on the edge.

The buildings, which consist of multi-unit apartments, have been declared unsafe to enter, and authorities are unsure if the residents will ever be able to live there again.

The collapse happened suddenly, with residents hearing a loud noise in the morning that shook their apartments.

Some thought it was an earthquake.

The Sheriff’s deputies are present on the scene to prevent any looting.

The property is owned by Clayton Robinson, who is unsure if his insurance will cover the damage.

The slope is still moving, and engineers and city geologists will be monitoring the situation.

The Orange County Firefighters are keeping a close eye on the hillside as there is more rain forecasted.

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