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San Antonio International Airport to Expand and Offer More Direct Flights with Millions in Improvements

San Antonio International Airport is set to expand and offer more direct flights, thanks to over $30 million in local and federal money improvements.

The San Antonio city council unanimously approved the $30 million Master architect services to design the airport’s new terminal facility and develop a sense of place for anyone arriving in San Antonio.

The design services include a public safety building, as well as terminal support facilities, and money will also be injected into extending airport runways.

The airport director, Jesus Signs, stated that it is his mission to make San Antonio a place that can fly anywhere to in the world.

The funding from the city is in addition to the recent Federal Grant from the FAA of $20 million for the airport expansion project, which includes five new ground gates and building a new facility in Terminal A.

This long-term work is planning that we’re getting prepared for further and future expansion of the overall Airfield and Airport development program, Signs said.

He expects the Expansion Project to be complete by 2028.

So far this year, the airport has already generated over $100 million in revenue for the city, and these improvements will mean more domestic and international flights, competitive fares, and more airlines to choose from.

For frequent traveler Candice Baptiste, having more opportunities to travel means she can be more flexible with her business and airport time.

The improvements are great news for travelers, as they will provide more direct flights and expand the airport’s facilities.

All of the work that is being done today is establishing the foundation for the future and ensuring that we have the capacity to continue to grow, Signs said.

Overall, the improvements mean more convenience, better service, and greater economic benefits for the city.

The expansion of the San Antonio International Airport is a testament to the city’s growth and commitment to providing top-quality services to its residents and visitors.

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