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In a heroic act, two Sallisaw police officers prevented a potentially catastrophic incident during the Diamond Daze Festival on Saturday.

Captain John Weber and Officer Wesley McGirt were on duty at the festival, which is known for its live music, food vendors, car show, and festive atmosphere.

Little did they know that their quick thinking and bravery would save lives that day.

As the officers received word of a police pursuit headed straight towards the festival, they immediately sprang into action.

The newly released video captures the tense moments when festival-goers were leisurely strolling, unaware of the impending danger.

Captain Weber, realizing the gravity of the situation, made a split-second decision to stop the suspect’s vehicle by crashing into it head-on.

The impact of the collision was powerful, but it succeeded in halting the suspect’s car, averting a potentially disastrous outcome.

Chief Terry Franklin commended Captain Weber for his decisive action, emphasizing that the captain had no other choice but to intervene in such a manner.

By his brave act, Captain Weber prevented what could have been a tragedy with numerous casualties.

Though the officers suffered injuries in the process, their courageous response saved countless lives.

Captain Weber sustained a broken wrist, while Officer McGirt received cuts and bruises.

Chief Franklin expressed his immense pride in the officers’ quick response and unwavering commitment to protecting the citizens of Sallisaw.

He emphasized that any of their officers would have reacted in the same way, showcasing the dedication and bravery inherent in their profession.

The full video of this extraordinary incident can be viewed on the KJRH website.

As the Sallisaw community reflects on this event, they are grateful for the selfless actions of these two officers, who exemplify the true spirit of service and protection.

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