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Sacramento Police Take Action Against Sideshows at Delta Shores

Sacramento officials have announced their plans to crack down on sideshows and illegal street racing near the Delta Shores shopping center, citing concerns over the negative impact on businesses and customers.

The Sacramento Police Department has unveiled new enforcement tools to address the ongoing issue.

Residents in the area have expressed frustration over the loud noises and reckless driving associated with sideshows.

Shirley Chan, a Meadowview resident living near Delta Shores, has captured numerous instances of reckless drivers on her surveillance camera.

She describes the situation as a major problem, with sideshows occurring at all hours, accompanied by roaring engines, screeching tires, and the smell of burning rubber.

Captain Dan Monk of the Sacramento Police Department acknowledges that Delta Shores has become a popular location for these sideshow events, which have taken over many streets in the city.

The sideshows have often resulted in vehicle collisions and bodily harm, causing distress for pedestrians and residents.

To address the issue, the Sacramento City Council has unanimously voted to include Delta Shores in a 2006 ordinance intended to assist law enforcement in curbing dangerous sideshows.

As part of the ordinance, the South Sacramento Shopping Center will be added to a list of private parking lots where police can enforce California vehicle code violations.

Captain Monk views this ordinance as a valuable tool that will enable law enforcement to prevent sideshows and take action against individuals using their cars in ways that pose a danger to others.

The new rules will empower Sacramento police to identify and fine vehicles engaged in sideshow activity.

Local residents, including Shirley Chan, welcome the increased enforcement efforts.

They have long been concerned about the potential for accidents and injuries due to reckless driving.

Chan fears that a car may one day crash into her house or her neighbors’ homes, especially considering that children frequently play on the streets.

The Sacramento Police recently made an arrest related to a sideshow incident in Meadowview, where a 17-year-old suffered significant injuries.

However, the enforcement of the new city ordinance at Delta Shores will not take effect until appropriate signage is installed.

Authorities hope that these new enforcement measures will deter sideshow activities and ensure the safety and tranquility of the Sacramento community.

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