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Sacramento-area Nurse Advocates for Diversity in Healthcare Field

May 7, 2023

Today, on National Nurses Day, the kickoff of Nurse Appreciation Week, we spoke with Carter Todd, a nurse manager at Kaiser Roseville and former pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) nurse, who has made it his mission to diversify the field of healthcare in Sacramento.

For Todd, nursing is not just a job but a calling and a passion.

Recognizing the need for increased representation of minority nurses in the profession, he founded the Capital City Black Nurses Association.

“Our representation in nursing historically has not been there,” Todd emphasized.

Data reveals that only about 5% of nurses in California are from minority backgrounds.

Todd believes that when healthcare professionals understand a patient’s background and culture, they can provide better care.

The disparities in representation stem from the lack of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) classes in many under-resourced middle and high schools.

Todd believes change starts by addressing the funding discrepancies between school districts.

“I want nursing to be for everybody.

I want nursing to help everybody,” Todd expressed his vision for a more inclusive healthcare field.

With the recent release of a shocking report by the California Hospital Association, highlighting the risk of closure for hospitals across the state due to workforce shortages, Todd’s work has become even more critical.

“The frontline healthcare professionals are facing burnout, and it’s a real concern.

In the last three years, it has only intensified,” Todd acknowledged.

He is determined to change the narrative and inspire young people who may not be aware of the possibilities within nursing.

“Nursing is for everybody.

It should be an option for anyone who has the passion and desire to make a difference,” Todd emphasized.

He takes pride in the progress they have made so far but is committed to continuing until all barriers are broken down.

Scholarships are available for new nursing students, and information on how to apply will be provided.

As Nurse Appreciation Week begins, let us recognize the dedication of nurses like Carter Todd, who are not only providing quality care but also actively working to make the healthcare field more diverse and inclusive.

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