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Welcome to Lena News, where we bring you the latest update on the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine.

In the latest development, a Russian soldier met his tragic end due to his own actions.

According to sensitive images that were shared today, a Ukrainian drone dropped a shell on a hiding Russian soldier.

Despite the shell hitting its target, the soldier threw it over his head.

Unfortunately, the explosion caused the Russian soldier to lose his life.

The war between Russia and Ukraine has been relentless for over a year now, and both sides are weary and have suffered significant losses.

Russia has lost approximately 170,000 soldiers, while Ukraine continues to defend their territory in Bachmut.

In an attempt to convince its citizens that Ukraine poses a threat to their homeland, the Russian government has been installing missile defense systems in Moscow.

However, this has led to the cutting down of trees in “protected natural areas” in the Russian capital, which has sparked anger among the population.

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