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Russian Mercenary Group Wagner Leaves Own Soldiers to Die in Bakhmut

Reports from the ongoing conflict in Ukraine suggest that Russian mercenary group Wagner has been increasing their attacks in the Bakhmut region in recent weeks.

This group has been present in the area since the beginning of the conflict and has made promises to protect the region, but has failed to keep them.

Ukrainian forces have been pushing back Wagner’s troops from the area and some analysts and countries do not approve of Wagner’s actions in the region.

Some disturbing videos have emerged showing Wagner’s soldiers killing wounded members of their own group.

It has been confirmed that Wagner’s troops requested a ceasefire from Ukraine to collect their dead soldiers and promise to stop attacking, but they broke the ceasefire and resumed their attacks.

This has led Lithuania to recognize Wagner as a terrorist organization.

The situation highlights the questionable ethics of Wagner’s group and raises concerns about Russia’s military strategies under Putin.

While opinions may differ on the matter, it is clear that the conflict continues to be a devastating situation for those living in the region.

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