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The Ukrainian Army has announced that the Russian Army is suffering heavy losses in Donetsk.

Oleksii Dmytrashkivskyi, the spokesperson of the joint press office of the Armed Forces of the Tavria front, made statements about the developments in the region as fierce clashes between the Ukrainian Army and the Russian Army continue.

Known as Christian Tavria, Dmytrashkivskyi stated that they cannot talk about an offensive at the moment because the enemy has suffered significant losses over the past week, with its best troops actively attacking the possessions in Muldadar, Marinka, and Abdupka.

However, it is known that the moral and psychological state of the Russian Army has completely fallen.

There are reports that the commander of the famous 155th Marine Corps Brigade refused to obey combat orders and that Russian foot and tier units are now refusing to participate in hostilities.

There are also reports that 20 occupants of the 126th Brigade refused to fight and said they would rather be in prison than use as a bullet.

The situation on the honest front is difficult, although the enemy has actively reduced it both during the day and night.

It continues to advance last night.

The enemy has carried out six domestic operations near Divka and Marinka.

We have not lost our positions.

The enemy’s losses last night amounted to about two platoons, almost the entire team that attacked was killed.

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