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The Daily Terrible Loss of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine!

On the 388th day of the Ukraine-Russia War, the fight between the Ukrainian Army and the Russian Army continues.

The Ukrainian Army is fighting with all its efforts to take back the territories occupied by the Russian Army.

In the past few days, the Russian Army has suffered terrible losses in its attacks.

The Russian Army is struggling to respond to the Ukrainian Army’s attacks and is still suffering incredible losses every day.

According to the statement of the Ukrainian General Staff, the Russian Army has lost 880 soldiers, five tanks, three vehicles, and field hangars, seven armored fighting vehicles, 14 operational tactical UAVs, and eight artillery.

This is a significant setback for the Russian Army, and it shows that the Ukrainian Army is gaining ground in the war.

The conflict has been ongoing for over a year, and it has caused a lot of pain and suffering for the people of Ukraine.

The international community must take note of the situation and offer their support to the people of Ukraine in their fight against the Russian invasion.

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