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According to recent news, the former US Army general and retired US Army officer, Ben Hodges, has predicted that the Russian military may “collapse” by the end of the year due to the war of attrition in Ukraine.

Hodges tweeted that if the West delivers on its promises in time, Russia may collapse before the end of this year due to the attrition rate.

He said that the war is a test of logistics and willpower.

Military expert, Markus E.

Kub, who oversees the defense economics department at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology’s military academy, also predicted that with Russia continuing to lose soldiers and the West continuing to provide military aid to Ukraine, Ukrainian forces will soon have influence in the conflict.

Despite some recent developments, the Russian military has suffered setbacks in Ukraine, including a shortage of fighters and equipment.

Stay tuned for more breaking news on the Russia-Ukraine war.

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