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Tragic Sumter Incident: Father Kills Three Children and Two Adults, Including Army Central Employee.

Russian military personnel and equipment losses continue to mount in the ongoing Ukrainian Russian War, with a staggering 156,990 personnel lost since the invasion began on Putin’s orders.

The Russian army has suffered heavy casualties and lost significant military hardware across multiple fronts.

In the past 24 hours alone, the numbers of personnel and equipment losses have continued to rise.

The latest figures are as follows: 156,900 military personnel, 304 aircraft, 289 helicopters, 3,448 tanks, 6,742 armored vehicles, 2,475 artillery systems, 256 air defense systems, 491 multiple rocket launchers, 5,337 vehicles and fuel tankers, 18 ships, 2,107 unmanned aerial vehicles, 907 cruise missiles.

Daily updates will be provided on the ongoing losses of Russian military equipment and vehicles.

Stay tuned for more reliable and up-to-date news on this developing story.

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