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Russia has reportedly launched a series of drone attacks on Ukraine in retaliation for what Putin claims was an assassination attempt on him.

The US denies being involved in the alleged Ukrainian drone attack on the Kremlin.

In response, overnight, air defense systems in Kyiv took out incoming drones believed to be part of the Russian retaliation.

State media released stunning videos of drones exploding above the Kremlin’s iconic domes.

Russia is accusing Ukraine of attempting to assassinate Putin, but there is no evidence to back up these claims.

President Zelenskyy strongly denies any Ukrainian involvement in the alleged assassination attempt.

Questions remain about whether the drone strikes were ordered by Ukraine or if it was a Putin plot to make it look like a Ukrainian attack.

In Ukraine, new strikes have killed at least 21 people in the city of Kherson, ahead of a planned and expected Ukrainian counteroffensive.

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