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The ruling Democratic Party of Korea is facing criticism for amending its pledge of the “80 trillion won constitutional amendment” promised during the party’s leadership election.

President Moon Jae-in emphasized the importance of adopting a perspective that aligns with the people’s vision rather than the party’s own when he created the 80-trillion-won member fund.

However, the party recently revised the fund’s allocation, drawing attention from both supporters and opponents.

The controversy was further fueled by the remarks of Kim Yong-min, the highest-ranking member of the party’s disciplinary committee, who stated that even if the top officials were found guilty in the trial, it would not pose any problem.

The public is watching how this issue will affect the party’s popularity, especially among the moderate voters.

The ruling party should take this matter seriously and acknowledge that the judicial system is an integral part of the democratic process.

The prosecution’s decision to press charges against high-ranking officials should not be seen as political oppression, but rather an act of the justice system to uphold the rule of law.

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