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Rubin: Trump’s Recent Comments Could Impact Investigations, Says Legal Analyst

In a recent interview on MSNBC’s Deadline: Legal Blog, Jordan Rubin discussed the ongoing investigations involving former President Donald Trump and expressed concerns about the impact of Trump’s recent comments.

Rubin specifically highlighted Trump’s remarks during a CNN town hall and other public appearances, suggesting that they may have legal implications.

Rubin expressed his curiosity about whether prosecutors were paying attention to Trump’s comments during the CNN town hall.

He stated, “It seems like at the very least, Trump has certainly not done himself any favors when it comes to the Georgia investigation or any other.” Rubin emphasized that Trump’s statements seemed to reaffirm the exposure he faces in the Georgia probe and potentially in other investigations as well.

The legal analyst highlighted the brazenness of Trump’s behavior, drawing a parallel to the time when Trump’s advisers adamantly stated that he would never speak to Robert Mueller during the Mueller investigation.

Rubin noted the absence of accountability for Trump’s actions, as he has not been held responsible for anything so far.

However, Rubin believes that there are signs of accountability emerging, particularly in civil cases like the Carroll case, despite Trump’s willingness to discuss it publicly.

Rubin further explained that Trump is facing criminal indictment in New York, suggesting that there is a start to the accountability process.

He anticipates that more accountability measures will follow, possibly including developments in the Georgia investigation in the upcoming summer months.

Rubin concluded by asserting that the timeline for accountability against Trump is unlikely to be delayed.

While the specific details of the investigations and the potential consequences of Trump’s comments were not explicitly discussed, the conversation highlighted the growing scrutiny surrounding Trump and the anticipation of legal repercussions in various ongoing cases.

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