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Royal Coronation Captures Major American Media Attention

In anticipation of the upcoming coronation of King Charles III on Saturday, American media outlets are buzzing with excitement.

NewsNation host Dan Abrams expresses his amazement at the obsession from the United States with this regal event.

Legal analyst Jesse Weber, podcast host Van Lathan, and GOP analyst Noelle Nikpour joined Abrams on the “Dan Abrams Live” show to discuss the matter.

Abrams kicks off the conversation by acknowledging that he personally doesn’t care much about the topic but still wants to address it.

He acknowledges the significance of the coronation, as every major network is sending their big players for live coverage, starting as early as 6:00 AM.

Despite his lack of understanding of the American fascination with the monarchy, he admits that watching the procession and the pomp and circumstance of the event can be intriguing.

In a world where celebrities and TikTokers dominate social media, Abrams sees value in the historical significance and the tradition of such ceremonies.

The panel acknowledges that one can have disagreements with the monarchy and recognize the flaws of the past.

However, they also point out that there is something unique and captivating about having a king or queen and witnessing such events.

Abrams brings up the recent Met Gala as an example of an event that received extensive coverage and generated intrigue, despite its eccentricities.

The conversation concludes with a mention of Meghan Markle, although it is clarified that she will not be attending the coronation.

Overall, the discussion highlights the curiosity and interest surrounding the coronation and the contrasting opinions on the fascination with the British monarchy within American media.

The “Dan Abrams Live” show wraps up the conversation, thanking the participants for their insights and concluding the night’s broadcast.

Note: This article has been created using the provided information and is fictional in nature.

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