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Roswell entrepreneurs are expressing concerns over a proposed plan to close a section of Canton Street to cars, transforming it into a pedestrian promenade.

According to the business owners, the plan would have a negative impact on their establishments and cause them to lose customers.

The closure would result in reduced parking and traffic, making it difficult for customers to reach their shops.

A coalition of nearly every business owner on Canton Street opposes the plan, citing potential worsened traffic problems and the need to address core infrastructure issues before implementing such changes.

In an effort to address these concerns, Roswell’s mayor held a meeting with the business owners, allowing them to voice their apprehensions.

The hour and 45-minute discussion became passionate at times, with the mayor noting down their questions to ensure they receive satisfactory answers.

The city aims to find the best path forward by taking into account the legitimate concerns raised by the business community.

While some businesses remain opposed to the plan, others believe it could be beneficial for attracting more business to Roswell.

One business owner, Kelly Smith of That Was Good Provision, expressed openness to the idea once a parking garage is built and traffic issues are resolved.

However, many still assert that the current state of affairs does not warrant the implementation of the proposed changes.

The mayor assured the business owners that no action will be taken until the plan is voted on.

The city plans to hold another meeting with the business community to continue the dialogue and provide further clarification.

The discussions aim to find a resolution that addresses the concerns raised by the entrepreneurs while promoting the growth and development of the city.

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