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Rosemount Writers Festival and Book Fair celebrates local authors and publishers

Minnesota’s rich literary history is celebrated at the Rosemount Writers Festival and Book Fair, which took place last weekend.

The one-day festival featured workshops, a keynote speech, and a book fair with 40 local authors and six to seven publishers.

Attendees had the opportunity to attend workshops on various topics, including getting started as a writer, marketing your work, and special genre materials such as mystery novels and memoir writing.

The book fair was free and open to the public, allowing people to share their stories and connect with local authors and publishers.

The keynote speech was given by Brian Luderman, a Minnesota author and member of the writing community since 2002.

Luderman discussed why writers feel compelled to write and how that influences how they sell and distribute their work.

The festival provided an opportunity for writers of all ages and experience levels to come together and celebrate the literary community.

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