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Massachusetts U.S.

Attorney Rachael Rollins has announced her resignation following an ethics investigation conducted by the Justice Department’s inspector general.

The investigation primarily focused on Rollins’ participation in a political fundraiser, which took place last summer and was attended by First Lady Jill Biden.

Rollins, who took office as the top federal prosecutor in Massachusetts in January of the previous year, previously served as the Suffolk County District Attorney.

The central concern in the investigation revolves around a law that restricts political engagement by government employees.

Given Rollins’ influential position, where she is responsible for making decisions regarding the prosecution of individuals who violate the law, it is crucial for her conduct to be beyond reproach.

The Associated Press has reported additional areas of scrutiny, including Rollins’ use of her personal phone and purse for official business, as well as a trip financed by an external organization.

Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas has been vocal in his criticism of Rollins and opposed her nomination.

In a statement, he expressed his concerns, stating, “I warned Democratic senators that Rachel Rollins wasn’t only a pro-criminal ideologue, but also had a history of poor judgment and ethical lapses.”

Further details regarding the investigation are expected to emerge in the near future.

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