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Rockland County and Orange County have declared a State of Emergency in preparation for an anticipated surge of asylum seekers.

Both counties are determined to oppose a plan proposed by New York City (NYC) to address the influx of migrants.

The issue of NYC potentially overwhelming the local communities has sparked a battle between the suburban counties and the city.

With the aim of preventing their localities from becoming overwhelmed, Rockland County and Orange County are vehemently opposing NYC’s proposal.

The counties are essentially saying, “Not in my backyard.” However, in this case, they are objecting to housing asylum seekers in their hotels, as NYC already has an estimated 60,000 migrants renting hotel rooms elsewhere.

The Eyewitness News reporter, Jim Dolan, sheds light on the situation.

He describes the scene outside a makeshift shelter in Gramercy Park, where newly arrived migrants gather for a few moments of fresh air.

Clutching their paperwork and desperately holding onto a glimmer of hope for the future, these migrants are uncertain about what lies ahead.

They know that the shelter they are in is only temporary and that they will soon be relocated, but they have no information regarding their next destination.

One individual interviewed reveals that buses will arrive that evening to transport his family to a hotel.

However, he has no knowledge of the hotel’s location or how long they will be able to stay there.

Unaware of the political controversy surrounding them, the migrants find themselves caught in the middle of a firestorm.

County officials express their concern about NYC’s plan to send 340 undocumented migrant men to a hotel in Orangeburg.

They argue that introducing single adult males into a community with schools, churches, playgrounds, and college campuses is highly problematic.

In response, NYC defends its decision, claiming that the reaction from the county is exaggerated and fueled by racist rhetoric.

The mayor’s spokesperson accuses opponents of resorting to reprehensible threats.

The county contends that the shelter violates local ordinances, and they assert that if the hotel accepts migrants from NYC, they will face penalties.

This situation leaves the migrants uncertain about their future and feeling extremely confused.

Unfortunately, the situation is expected to worsen before any improvement is seen.

Title 42, a policy that has limited migration at the southern border, is set to expire later in the week.

Experts anticipate that approximately 800 asylum seekers will arrive once the policy expires, adding further strain to the already tense situation.

Overall, the clash between Rockland County, Orange County, and NYC over the plan to house asylum seekers highlights the challenges faced by communities grappling with the influx of migrants.

As the situation unfolds, uncertainties remain, and tensions continue to rise.

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