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Rockford’s Fifth Ward Hosts Resource Blitz to Connect Residents with City Services

The Fifth Ward in Rockford, Illinois, recently held a Resource Blitz event at the new Aldermanic office, providing an opportunity for residents to learn about various city services.

The Alderman for the area coordinated the event to bring transparency to the community and allow members to voice their concerns directly to city departments and Alderman Trina herself.

Residents had the chance to interact with different agencies and groups from public works to police to the library, who were on hand to help out in any way they could.

The goal of the event was to give neighbors the chance to learn about Rockford departments and ask questions on the spot.

The Fifth Ward sits on Rockford’s south side, spanning both sides of the river, and has various agencies and departments available to help with different concerns such as potholes or neighborhood standards.

The new Aldermanic office for the Fifth Ward is located at the Jenkins Resource Center, and the Resource Blitz event was aimed at bringing the city of Rockford to the people.

The event was seen as a fresh and innovative approach, and Alderman Trina hopes to establish a new culture in the community by trying new efforts to bring the community together.

Overall, the Resource Blitz was a success, and Alderman Trina hopes to continue hosting similar events in the future to help connect residents with the resources they need.

The event is part of a larger effort to speak out against racism and bring the community closer together.

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