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Gui Xiao, the protagonist of “Road Home” episode 06 on iQIYI, recently revealed that she has never liked anyone else before.

The show has been trending on the platform with multiple subtitles, and viewers can watch more episodes with early access and a premium experience on the iQIYI app and website.

In the episode, Gui Xiao talks about her relationship with Luo Chen and Chao Minshan’s family.

Although they had a good relationship in the past, Gui Xiao decides to choose her own stance this time.

She also mentions her debt, which has been mostly paid off, but there is still a remaining external debt of 400,000.

The initiative to solve this problem is now in Gui Xiao’s hands, and she advises herself to think clearly and not act impulsively.

She reflects on her childhood and mentions that she still loves the children she saw.

Gui Xiao emphasizes the importance of considering a person’s character instead of just their circumstances.

When asked about Luo Chen, Gui Xiao describes him as a good person she has known for many years, but she does not want to talk about him anymore.

She also mentions the sacrifice he made to protect the country and the difficulty of the marriage decision.

Finally, Gui Xiao declares that if she misses this opportunity, she will not get married.

She advises caution and reminds herself and others that marriage is not always necessary.

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