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Due to road closures, officials are advising individuals who need to travel downtown to utilize public transportation. Bailey o Carol is reporting live from The Newsroom with more on what could be a crucial moment for Barton Muny to attract riders. This week is expected to be a Super Bowl-like event for public transit throughout San Francisco, as many residents will heavily rely on it to avoid the anticipated traffic congestion. Since the start of the pandemic, some people in the city stopped using public transit, but now they see this as an opportunity to reconsider.

Don Anworth, a former Muny rider, stated that when traffic gets bad, biking or taking the Muny is definitely faster. Don and others who either drive or wish they could drive to work express concerns about the unreliability and safety issues they have experienced with public transit. However, despite these concerns, officials are urging the public to utilize public transportation due to the numerous closures, including one lane of the Bay Bridge.

This situation presents a significant opportunity for Bart to attract more riders, and according to a Bart spokesperson, they are prepared for the moment. Extra staff, including Bart PD and other frontline personnel, have been deployed to assist passengers. Security has also been increased, and trains have been lengthened to accommodate the expected increase in ridership.

The importance of coordination and ensuring the safety of passengers and everyone attending the event is evident from the presence of bomb-sniffing dogs and heightened security measures at the Pal Street Station. If you plan to use public transit next week, keep in mind that Bart service routes will not be affected, and all trains and stations will operate as usual. Muny will have multiple buses rerouted to accommodate the street closures, and volunteers have been distributing maps and pamphlets to keep the public informed of the changes in routes.

Reporting from The Newsroom, this is Bailey o Carol for KTV Fox 2 News..

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