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The River Bank Run in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is set to take place on Saturday morning under cloudy skies and temperatures near 60 degrees.

Although there may be a few sprinkles from time to time, runners can expect mostly dry conditions throughout the race.

The forecast indicates that any showers that do occur will be brief and light, not heavily affecting the event.

The current weather conditions show calm winds and a temperature of 67 degrees, making it a bit warm for the participants.

It is recommended for both runners and spectators to stay hydrated due to the slightly muggy atmosphere.

Rain showers are developing over Lake Michigan but are breaking up quickly as they move toward land, decreasing the chances of substantial rainfall during the race.

Temperatures across the area are relatively stable, with not much fluctuation observed.

Big Rapids and Mount Pleasant are at 58 degrees, while lakeside areas remain in the mid-60s.

Although the temperatures are not too extreme, the “feels like” temperatures may be slightly warmer.

However, as the day progresses, the spread between actual temperatures and dew points will widen, resulting in a more comfortable feel.

The future cast shows that the weather conditions may appear worse than they actually are, with light and spotty rain expected.

The rain should clear out by the afternoon, so participants in the race should not be caught in heavy showers.

The overnight hours will bring drier conditions and lingering cloud cover, leading to a cooler Mother’s Day with a high of 66 degrees.

Looking ahead, the temperature pattern for the upcoming week is expected to be below normal, with a good chance of seeing below-average high temperatures from May 19th to the 23rd.

Although there won’t be many below-normal days in the near future, temperatures will be close to average, with today’s average high being around 69 degrees.

The 8-day forecast suggests some fluctuations near the 69-degree mark before a potentially cooler last week of May.

However, there are hopes for warmer weather just in time for Memorial Day weekend.

For the River Bank Run participants, today’s high is expected to reach 76 degrees, accompanied by light rain sprinkles that may go unnoticed.

Sunday will see drier conditions with a high of 66 degrees, making it suitable for outdoor Mother’s Day celebrations.

The following week will bring temperatures in the 70s, providing a pleasant stretch of weather.

The next chance for substantial rainfall is predicted for the following weekend, but even then, it is expected to be more like sprinkles rather than heavy showers.

Overall, the weather conditions for the River Bank Run are favorable, with light and brief showers expected, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable race for the participants.

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