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Local 23 News at 10 Weather 4/14
While other parts of the country are dealing with severe weather, residents of the Rio Grande Valley can expect a mostly clear and warm forecast for the next few days.

With temperatures hovering around the mid 70s, it’s not quite cooling down to the 60s just yet.

Cloudy skies and winds from the south southeast will continue to be a factor, but tomorrow’s highs will be scorching.

Brownsville will hit 95 degrees, Harlingen 97 degrees, and Raymondville, Lyford, and San Perlita all around 97 degrees.

Rio Grande City and Falcon will be the hottest at 98 and 99 degrees, respectively.
For those planning to head out to South Padre Island, it’s going to be a hot day at 78 degrees, with low risk of rip currents and low tide at 5:26 a.m.

and high tide at 3:17 p.m.
A trough from the West will bring in heat and high temperatures into the mid to upper 90s until Saturday night when a front is expected to move in.

Cooler air will settle in, and there will be a chance of isolated showers on Sunday.

But because of the influx of dry air, the rain chances are expected to be very light and few and far between.

The moisture is set to return on Tuesday, which will give us another chance of rain.
Overall, the next few days will be hot and dry with some isolated showers expected towards the middle of next week.

So, if you are planning any outdoor activities, make sure to stay hydrated and stay cool.

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