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Transitional Improvements: Helping Homeless & Formerly Incarcerated Grocery Store Shooting; 1 Injured, 1 in Custody

There will be record warmth in the next few days, coming your way in the next hour. Alright David, thanks.

We know that students can receive scholarship money to go to college, but now young people can earn gift cards to various stores and restaurants as long as they consistently get good grades. We’re not talking about gift cards worth a specific amount, but rather gift cards of any size. I spoke to a kid who brought home $50 or sometimes $60 at a time. Alex Butler, the next kid we spoke to, is really comfortable with not contributing to any bills.

Remember this report because their grades could earn them some of their keep. We know there are apps based in Atlanta that have helped students improve their grades.

Money talks. My favorite subject is math.

You’d never know, judging from the confidence in his voice, but math was once a shaky subject for Emmanuel. Then he learned he could earn money for his stellar school scores. Since the beginning of the academic year, this already gifted kid has brought home $60 through a new Atlanta-based app.

School-engaged GPS scores have been rising. The company’s CEO, Sanders, came up with the idea to gamify school and incentivize students.

Kids can upload proof of good grades in exchange for points that are worth about $10 each. In an already tight economy, this can help families. Sanders hopes that more companies will sponsor this initiative, which has grown tremendously in less than a year.

Since August, the number of users has increased from 800 to over 5000. The app doesn’t just reward final grades, but also consistent high scores from daily assignments.

They then select their prize. Sanders would love to see more school districts and companies get involved.

So what does this seven-year-old do with $60 in untaxed rewards and paid money? The seven-year-old buys things. Emanuel has paid for trips to Chuck E. Cheese and had a real good time. The company has paid kids $1200 to use this incentive, and you can learn more about school economies on the news at six o’clock with Alex Whistler..

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