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Local Barber Shop Owner Expands Business in Salt Lake City Church

Vanessa Williams, a Brazilian immigrant and the owner of Retro Barbers, has successfully navigated the pandemic and is now expanding her business in Salt Lake City.

Williams, who is one of more than 89,000 female business owners in Utah, said that being her own boss makes it all worthwhile.

Her dream of having her own barbershop gained steam during the pandemic when she lost contact with her regular clients.

That led her to take a leap of faith and set up shop in an old church in downtown Salt Lake City.

Williams said that she chose the church for its feel, which is more like a lounge than a traditional barbershop.

She has added her own personal touch to the salon experience by choosing the decor, music, and her own fashion style.

She wants her clients to feel comfortable and better about themselves, not just with their haircuts.

Her early experiences as an immigrant in Utah, where she learned English and adapted to a new culture, make her appreciate her return customers and good reviews.

Williams’ business has been doing so well that she is planning to hire at least one or two employees by the end of the year.

For now, she is enjoying the success of her dream come true, which she says has been a whirlwind but also a lot of hard work.

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