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Woman Finds Fitness and Fun in CrossFit During Retirement

Claire Wake, a 71-year-old retiree, has discovered a newfound passion for fitness through CrossFit.

Despite being initially unfamiliar with the exercise regimen twelve years ago, Wake has since become an active member of CrossFit Oahu and continues to challenge herself physically.

Wake’s journey began when she sought an exercise program that offered more structure and guidance than traditional gyms.

She was drawn to CrossFit’s scalable movements, workouts, and skills, allowing individuals to tailor the intensity, weight, and speed to their abilities.

Wake started slowly but quickly became hooked on the challenging routines and supportive community.

Through consistent CrossFit sessions, Wake has seen remarkable improvements in her strength and overall well-being.

She explains, “As I worked out longer, a few years later, my core was stronger.” This enhanced core strength has alleviated her previous back issues and contributed to her overall physical resilience.

Malachi Greiner, Wake’s coach, praises her progress, highlighting the various feats she has accomplished.

“She’s learned how to reach barbells over her head, she’s got pull-ups, she can do handstand push-ups, which are all things she wasn’t able to do when she got here,” Greiner explains.

He also notes that more seniors, or “kupuna,” are joining CrossFit Oahu, emphasizing the importance of maintaining mobility and physical activity as individuals age.

In addition to her CrossFit workouts several times a week, Wake stays active by engaging in climbing and even exercising her creative talents, including rapping about CrossFit.

For Wake, staying healthy and independent after retiring from UCLA is a priority.

“I don’t want to be a burden to anyone.

I want to enjoy the family, do things with them, and play.

I want to be able to get back up as well, and so it makes life much more enjoyable,” she shares.

CrossFit has not only helped Wake maintain her physical fitness but has also provided a platform for personal growth and camaraderie.

With her determination and positive outlook, Wake exemplifies the countless benefits that CrossFit offers individuals of all ages, including those in their retirement years.

  • Written by Kristine Uyeno for KHON2 News

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