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Attorney in Massachusetts, Rachael Rollins, announced her resignation amidst an ongoing ethics inquiry.

The Justice Department’s inspector general has alleged misconduct on her part.

The inspector general’s report, spanning 155 pages, accuses Rollins of serious wrongdoing, including lying under oath and misusing her position for political purposes.

It states that Rollins utilized her office to assist a candidate for district attorney by attempting to plant a story suggesting that the Justice Department would investigate the candidate’s opponent for public corruption.

When confronted with text messages regarding the incident, she reportedly admitted her involvement while falsely testifying about it to federal investigators.

Furthermore, the report accuses Rollins of violating ethics rules by accepting complimentary tickets to a Boston Celtics game, as well as political contributions.

She is also accused of disregarding ethics advice when she attended a Democratic Party fundraiser featuring Jill Biden.

The Office of Special Counsel within the Department of Justice concluded in a separate report that Rollins violated the Hatch Act, with her actions ranking among the most blatant violations ever investigated by the office.

Rollins’ lawyer issued a statement regarding the allegations but the details of the statement are not provided.

The resignation of the U.S.

attorney in Boston marks one of the significant scandals involving a U.S.

attorney, highlighting the gravity of the allegations and the potential consequences of the ethics inquiry.

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