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Residents in San Bernardino mountain communities are still struggling to recover after heavy snowfall and rain caused significant damage to homes, roads, and businesses.

While some roads have reopened, many residents are frustrated that it’s too early in the recovery process and worry that the upcoming rain could make matters worse.

Some businesses, like Lake Arrowhead Ali, have had to close due to the discovery of a crack in one of their main support beams.

Despite the frustration, some residents are happy that roads have reopened, especially those who need to travel up and down the hill for work.

However, others believe it’s too soon to reopen the roads, and with limited parking and some roads still closed, they fear that bringing more people to the area could complicate things further.

The decision to reopen the roads was made collectively between Caltrans, San Bernardino County, the fire department, and other agencies.

They had to consider several different factors, including the impact it could have on businesses if they remained closed.

Now that the roads are open, it’s helping with the delivery of food and medication to stores and residents.

Business owners, like Sonder Hughes, who owns Sandra’s, a women’s clothing store in Lake Arrowhead, have been hit hard by the closure.

She had to close her store for three weeks because there were no tourists, and her employees were stranded in their homes.

Officials are cautioning anyone who does decide to come up to the San Bernardino mountain communities to be careful due to the upcoming rain.

Although some progress has been made, many residents are still struggling to recover from the damage caused by the snow and rain.

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