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Residents Prepare for Rainy Weekend in DC to Witness Cherry Blossom Festival

Residents in the Washington DC area are preparing for a rainy weekend as the famous Cherry Blossom Festival kicks off.

The festival, which attracts visitors from around the world, features the blooming of the sakura trees, also known as cherry blossom trees.

Local meteorologist Chris Swaim from WMAR-2 News reported that the festival is just down the street from him, and he plans to take plenty of pictures on Monday if the weather is good on Sunday.

However, before the festival begins, residents will have to endure several days of rain.

Swaim warns that a good amount of rain is expected for Thursday and Friday, with some dry periods in between.

Some areas may even experience heavy rain and thunderstorms, with up to an inch of rain in some spots.

Temperatures will remain warm, in the mid-50s, until Friday when they are expected to drop throughout the day.

Despite the rainy weather, residents are still excited to witness the beautiful sakura trees in bloom.

The festival runs from March 26th to April 11th, and visitors are encouraged to check the official website for updates on events and blooming conditions.

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