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Inflation at Consumer Level Slightly Down at 4.9% in April, Market Reacts Minimally

In the wake of Title 42’s termination and the ongoing Hunter Biden probe, Republican Representative Troy Nehls from Texas joined ‘Varney & Co.’ to discuss the state of the U.S.

border and the latest developments.

Despite favorable inflation news, with consumer-level inflation running at a slightly decreased rate of 4.9% in April compared to March’s 5%, the market did not show significant reaction.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average was down nearly 200 points.

The focus then shifted to the border situation, particularly with the expiration of Title 42 scheduled for the following day.


Nehls expressed concern about the implications of ending Title 42, stating that it would send a message to people across the globe that they can enter the border anytime they want.

He emphasized the chaos and dysfunction at the border, which he believed was intentional under the current administration.

The termination of Title 42 could potentially lead to tens of thousands of people migrating to the southern border, according to Nehls.

The discussion touched upon Governor Abbott’s Texas Task Force, assembled to maintain order rather than keeping people out.


Nehls agreed with the intent to show force at the border and potentially deter individuals from attempting unauthorized crossings.

However, he also suggested that securing the southern border would require a return to the policies implemented during the Trump administration, which he claimed resulted in the most secure border in four decades.

Shifting gears, the conversation delved into the latest developments surrounding Hunter Biden, with Rep.

Nehls describing it as a “blockbuster.” He characterized the Biden family as corrupt and expressed his belief that Hunter Biden’s financial intrigue and influence peddling were extraordinary.


Nehls also asserted that the Biden family was beholden to China, adding that investigations into these matters should be prolonged until the Democrats select their presidential nominee for the 2024 election.


Nehls expressed his desire for Joe Biden to be the nominee, as he believed it would ensure Donald Trump’s victory and a second term as the 47th President of the United States.

Note: This news article is a fictional creation using the given information and does not represent real events or quotes.

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