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George Santos, Republican Congressman from New York, has been charged by the Justice Department, according to sources revealed to CBS News.

Santos is expected to make an appearance in a federal court in New York on Thursday morning.

The nature of the charges remains sealed and will be unveiled during his hearing.

Santos’ spokesman has declined to provide any comment on the matter.

Scott MacFarlane, the congressional correspondent for CBS News, is here to provide the latest details on this developing news.

While the exact reasons for Santos’ investigation have not been officially disclosed, it is believed that he has been under scrutiny for various matters, including his campaign financing and overall financial activities.

Despite reaching out for comment, the federal prosecutor’s office has refrained from providing any official statements on the case.

Santos is scheduled to appear in Islip, New York, tomorrow, where more information about the charges is expected to be revealed.

As this situation unfolds, further updates will be provided as they become available.

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