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In a recent interview on ‘Varney & Co.’ on Fox Business, Republican Congressman Pat Fallon from Texas accused the White House of manipulating data regarding the border crisis under President Biden.

Fallon argued that the situation at the border has escalated from a crisis to a catastrophe, which he believes is solely the result of Biden’s policies.

Fallon pointed out that during the Trump administration, there was a significant reduction in illegal immigration due to strict policies.

However, he claims that Biden reversed these measures, leading to a surge in illegal border crossings.

Fallon described a scenario where individuals arriving at the border claiming asylum were previously required to wait in Mexico for their cases to be processed.

But under Biden, they are being paroled into the United States, which he argues sends a message to others to come in large numbers.

According to Fallon, there have been a staggering 7 million illegal border crossings during Biden’s two and a half years in office, with people representing 160 different countries.

He further criticized the Biden administration for not knowing the identities of these individuals, emphasizing that this lack of information poses a threat to national security.

The congressman also highlighted the impact of the border crisis on towns and cities across America.

He mentioned a reported 700,000 people in Mexican shelters waiting to cross the border, which he believes will overwhelm communities and result in a loss of control.

Fallon firmly asserted that Biden is to blame for this situation, labeling it an invasion.

Fallon further criticized the alleged manipulation of border statistics by the administration, claiming that the books are being “cooked.” He argued that the number of illegal border crossings has reached historic highs, with over 200,000 crossings per month for ten consecutive months.

Fallon believes that Biden’s policies have empowered cartels and allowed them to profit immensely.

In conclusion, Fallon expressed his astonishment that other media outlets have not adequately covered the border crisis, despite what he perceives as absolute chaos.

He emphasized the importance of national security and the need to address the situation promptly.

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